Simon Reynolds

Producer / Director, CreateVideo

"I have worked with Stephanie on several projects, where she has been called upon to produce creative writing, tidy up existing work and consult with the client to help understand their story, to add value to all aspects of the production. In my opinion she is a 'must' for any project, but especially where a story is muddled or complex, she can cut through and deliver the result that elevates the narrative to something memorable."

Catherine Beard

Executive Director, Export & Manufacturing, BusinessNZ

"I have worked with Steph for 6 years now and I can highly recommend her as a great writer and communicator.  Steph has the ability to write in a compelling way for both print and online media.  She knows how to get cut-through with news releases and online, and she does really interesting interviews with people.  Steph knows what makes a compelling read and therefore needs little oversight.  She keeps track of our various deadlines and always delivers, including for large and complicated projects."

Glenn Baker

Editor, NZBusiness magazine & website

"Meeting deadlines is the name of the game in the publishing industry, and over many years of working with Stephanie I can honestly say there’s not been a single time she has let me down when it comes to delivering material on time. Her writing is clear, precise, well-structured and above all, reliable. You can’t ask for much more when there’s a deadline looming!"

Tim Christie

Owner, Tim Christie Design

"Steph is a very easy going and enjoyable person to work with who understands how to optimise communication by stripping away superfluous content, keeping things simple, concise and clear, and at the same time maintaining flow and interest with sentences that aren't as long, rambling and badly written as this one."

Sandy Gibbs

Director, Scooter Design

"We often have tight deadlines which typically means Steph has even tighter deadlines! But we always get quality results: from creative-lead headlines through to well written body copy, we know Steph is going to deliver (and with a smile)."

Stephen Reid


"I have worked with Steph on a number of campaigns since 2006, including advertising and direct marketing, and found her to be a highly insightful, intelligent and fun writer to work with. I'd recommend her for both short and long copy work. She is always keen to work in a collaborative culture, ensuring that work doesn't suffer from the isolation issues that contracting can sometimes cause. Steph has worked both within our office and externally, and has the professionalism and flexibility to ensure that both approaches work equally well. I would recommend Steph to anyone who is looking for a fun, intelligent and professional writer."


Karlene Hazlewood

Account Director, Chilli Marketing

"Stephanie has been great to work with on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade's SafeTravel website campaign. She developed copy for a number of UK publications and websites, including web banners and advertorials. She worked to extremely tight timelines, and the client approved the copy with no changes! This is something that has never happened before with this client. I have always found her extremely friendly, careful to understand our requirements and an exceptional creative across a wide variety of communication channels."

Liz Price

Director, Communiqué

"Steph has really impressed us with her ability to deliver a number of different writing styles – from websites, to newsletters, to formal reports. She is also a very good interviewer, who is well liked by her subjects, and has the ability to capture the required information and write it up in a user friendly and informative way. And she's fun, and easy to work with!"

Dan Phillips

Senior Copywriter, Haines NZ Ltd

"We've called on Steph's talent a number of times this year. We're a recruitment ad agency, so our work is very niche and requires a special touch in terms of copywriting. Steph impressed straight off the bat - quickly coming to grips with the required style/tone…and our crazy deadlines! Creativity, adaptability, speed and results – Steph's got them all covered."


Lara Charles

Account Manager, Chilli Marketing

"I've worked with Steph on two projects – Pub Charity's "Jackpot" newsletter and's electronic direct mail campaign. The copy was great and to the brief. The language was adapted to suit the different audience groups. She came in on time and on budget and has a friendly manner, so is very easy to work with."


Bryan Simpson

Director, Simpson Sinnott Ltd

"Stephanie has a real 'can-do' attitude. She has delivered for us to challenging timelines, coming to grips with the brief very quickly and always producing high quality work in a range of different subject areas. She's very committed and great to work with."